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Tsunami Chronicles

Book 6 Chapter Outline

Book 6: The Residuals of Recovery—the final book in which we step back from the detail of Aceh’s recovery program to take a broader view that explores lessons, looks beyond to subsequent missteps in Haiti and other places, and projects forward to the future

33. Lessons Lost—this chapter is about lessons, not those learned but rather those that are turned to mush and generally lost

34. Old Lessons, New Turf—this chapter compares developments in other disaster contexts such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Japan and , in particular, Haiti where the European Commission could not help itself in trying its hand at yet more politics that made a mess of things


35. To Build or Not to Build?— this chapter puts housing operations under the microscope as the single most important measure of success in disaster recovery

36. The Coordination Conundrum—this chapter puts the next critical area, coordination, under the same microscope because it is an essential but hidden enabler in disaster recovery that most dislike but pay lip service to, few understand and even fewer are willing to pay for

37. Rhythmic Reflections—this chapter is an attempt to get a handle on the rhythms of disaster recovery in an attempt to understand and explain the natural dynamics likely to beset almost any recovery program in order to predict and, therefore, better manage them

38. Leadership: the Mangkusubroto Factor—this chapter discusses the all-important subject of leadership by exploring Dr Kuntoro Mangkusbroto’s leadership style and personality as Indonesia’s overall recovery program leader

39. A Defining Moment—this chapter looks at the legacy of Aceh’s successful recovery that Indonesia can build on if it chooses a positive path to the future

40. Moving On—this, the penultimate chapter, speculates on on Dr Kuntoro and Indonesia’s future as the country continues to grapple with its deep-seated culture of corruption


41. A Walk on the Moon—this chapter is my breath of relief not so much in finishing the book but in completing my contribution to Aceh’s recovery, my “walk on the moon” as a management consultant

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