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Tsunami Chronicles

Book 4 Chapter Outline

Book 4: Cultures of Care and Contempt—the international community made a pivotal contribution to the reconstruction of Aceh; this book tells of the bump and grind of working with the global players

21. A Tsunami of Money—this chapter looks at the great gush of donations to international non-government organisations and the Red Cross after the tsunami and how the money affected their international humanitarian contributions

22. Purity and Practicality—this chapter peels back the covers on the Australian Red Cross contribution in particular to look at how internal head-office management dynamics can adversely affect field operations

23. Highway from Hell—this chapter explores how the United States’ signature project, Aceh’s west coast highway, drove the USAID into head-to-head conflict with Japan and then into subsequent despair as it became mired in difficulties and delays

24. Uniting the Nations—this chapter is for anyone interested in how the United Nations can be strengthened as a key recovery partner through coordination mechanisms to help bring the great beast of disaster recovery to heel despite donor resistance

25. The Travelling Troubadour—the problem with coordination is that almost no one is likes or is interested in funding it even though it is central to recovery success; this chapter explores the challenges this created for the UN and how its Aceh recovery coordinator measured up to them

26. Return of the Bureaucrats—this chapter looks at how the bureaucrats of the World Bank and European Commission combined to stifle genuine leadership and initiative in a way that turned the World Bank from a great recovery friend into a stodgy enemy

27. Pride, Prejudice and Power—this chapter continues the story of where and how the World Bank stupidly flew off the rails with underhanded attempts to block our attempts to maintain the UN coordination mechanisms upon which we had come to rely

28. A Line in the Sand—there came a time when the Indonesian Government just had to give the international donor community a great big shove to put it back I its place; this chapter tells the story of how we did this

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