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Tsunami Chronicles

Book 5 Chapter Outline

Book 5: End Games—explains how we brought everything together to wrap up the recovery program and the whopping great internal and external fights we had

29. Hell’s Kitchen—offers the good part of the story as we go about tying the loose ends to deliver an enormously successful international reconstruction program


30. Turning Inward—offers the unfortunate story of how success breeds its own problems as those working in the government reconstruction agency fell into the grip of “victory disease” and came to believe their own propaganda as our culture turned inward to feed on itself

31. Payback—tells of how the World Bank’s incredibly naive but intractable cultural failings helped distract us from our own internal failings when they so irritated the Indonesian Government that it eventually snapped to give the Bank a major slap-down

32. End of Days—returns to the theme of haughtiness as we in the recovery agency closed out the recovery program to limp over the finishing line basking in the hubris of self congratulation

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