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My Earlier Books

McBride: Behind the Myth resulted from an independent six-year investigation into scientific fraud and managerial malpractice after I was blocked from pursuing the story as a reporter on ABC Nationwide. Eventual publication by the ABC in 1989 resulted in a defamation action against me that, while withdrawn a decade later, put a damper on similar investigations .

Timor: The Stillborn Nation was my first work of independent investigative journalism. Published in 1978, the book took me four years to research and write. Most of the research was in Timor where I shared a flat with Nobel laureate Jose Ramos Horta. Later, I travelled to Indonesia, Australia, the UK and Portugal to investigate the wider political games of death. 

I updated Timor at the request of Jakarta publisher Mark Hanusz who republished the book in 2002 under the revised subtitle A Nation Reborn to coincide with East Timor's independence. While I did not change the substantial content, I did add a new preface (on the state of contemporary journalism), prologue and epilogue to round out the original narrative. 

I wrote, illustrated and published Negotiating A to Z in 2000 to help clients navigate the tricky politics of the organisational jungles in which they worked. It is one of several works I wrote on negotiating at the time. Negotiating A to Z is the quintessential summary offering the tightest possible encapsulation of this most important survival discipline. 

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